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I've worked with several English teachers during the past five years, and Donald has completely changed my expectations for what an English teacher could do.

While finishing up my doctoral thesis, Donald and I met throughout a few months polishing the text for review. He went above and beyond by not only proofreading the document but also reading it to understand the material in order to provide more meaningful feedback.

For him, students are not customers; rather, they are his friends who need/want help in learning English.

This approach separates him from other teachers and makes his classes fun and meaningful.

-- January 27 2022


Usually, I don't give comments but Donald deserves to be recommended.

He has such a good vibe and most importantly, he genuinely wants to help so he works to figure out the way students can improve.

I'm pretty confident that with him I'll get better at writing skills.

-- January 25 2022


Donald is an excellent, dynamic and motivating teacher. He adapts the class to the needs of the student and is always open to suggestions. He's helping me to perfect my writing and pronunciation and could not have wished more from a teacher. I definitely recommend him!

-- November 21 2021


Donald is the best English teacher I have ever met during the last 25 years of learning English. I’ve been taking Donald’s classes for three years, mainly concentrating on writing skills. I believe my English dramatically improved that allowing me to work and live in English speakers environment. Donald’s non-judgmental approach helps me feel welcomed and accepted, so I think I could ask any question as many times as I need. I also feel motivated, energized, and optimistic, not just about my ability to improve English but about myself after each class with Donald. Donal also has developed his unique method of explaining grammar and syntax that I never had a chance to experience with another teacher. Donald is an excellent and easy-going person, so it is always a pleasure to communicate with him. I wish all students to be persistent and keep scheduled classes with Donald, and I believe you will have a significant improvement as I did.

-- October 31 2021


Donald is a wonderful teacher. He is encouraging, kind, patient and professional. He is currently helping me with my writing and every time we meet, he comes up with fun and effective ways to correct my essays and give me pieces of advice on how to improve. He has also made a Google drive for our online and offline communications. I can have access to his comments and corrections, and extra teaching materials, anytime through our google drive page.

Having classes with Donald has helped me to overcome my fear of the GRE writing test. Now I believe that by practicing more and receiving comments and tips from him I can write faster and develop my argument much more easily. I totally recommend him to anyone that seeks to prepare for an English test or improve their English skills in general.

-- October 31 2021


Donald is a person who makes you feel coMfortable, who puts you in a position to really appreciate your English journey. He is also very professional and kind - the best teacher i've known so far! Thank you Donald!!

-- October 29 2021


I tried close to 30 teachers over the course of a month. Don is one of the best teachers. He is friendly but not too friendly like those who make you feel uncomfortable talking with or think you are talked down to. I truly appreciate his professionalism. I highly recommend him for your language teacher.

-- October 16 2021