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Donald is very passionate about his work and students. He takes time to identify your needs to make sure he comes up with the best teaching plan possible. I took both the English proficiency and professional classes and can say that Donald is hands down one of the best professors I have had to work with. He is very friendly and approachable and finds a way to make you comfortable through the English learning journey. Even though I’m pretty fluent in English, Donald could identify my flaws and help me make my English more efficient, which is exactly what I needed.

During my career path search, I relied heavily on him, with the interview prep classes and general advice on how to navigate through corporate America. His support, passion, and meaningful feedback were very helpful and can be extremely valuable for all those seeking to build a career in the US.

-- June 2023


I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent English lessons you have been providing Asi. She has said how much she enjoys your classes. It is hard to find teachers online that provide real quality instructions.

Thank you for the great instructional program that you do.

-- April 2023


I needed a teacher who could teach about different points of view than the usual (and boring) "English for Business." :) I have found in Donald the best teacher for me! Very recommended!

-- April 2023


I have been with Donald for over two years to improve my spoken English, and I would like to say that he is an amazing and excellent teacher. His professionalism and enthusiasm are so impressive. In every class, I not only feel more confident speaking English, but it also makes me reflect and learn many more meaningful things in life. If you are looking for an English teacher, I highly recommend him!

-- April 2023


Couldn't ask for a better teacher! I have been working with Donald for over a year and a half now to improve my English. Donald is incredibly dedicated to his students and always goes above and beyond to help them learn (check out his Youtube channel and Instagram you will see). His teaching style is engaging and effective, and he has a talent for tailoring his lessons to help students with different levels of proficiency. Thanks to his guidance, I have seen a significant improvement in my English skills. If you're looking for a knowledgeable and passionate tutor, Donald is the one to choose.

-- April 2023


Donald is an outstanding English tutor. I have tried a lot of different teachers before him, but his lessons are truly exceptional. His teaching quality is top-notch, and I have seen significant improvements in my language skills since working with him. He is patient, engaging, and always well-prepared. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent English tutor.

-- April 2023


Earlier this year I worked with Donald on job interview preparation as part of his Professional Development classes. Donald is a very skilled, passionate and positive English teacher who has vast experience teaching English. We worked on typical behavioral interview questions, where Donald performed the role of an interviewer while I answered the questions as an interviewee. After practicing a few questions at a time, Donald gave me constructive feedback, advising what was good in my answers and what could have been improved. We repeated the process until my answers were concise and fluent. This practice, as well as Donald's excellent spot-on feedback, helped me to build up my confidence and attend real interviews feeling prepared and positive. Eventually I passed several interviews and landed two job offers with different companies.

-- April 2023


First of all I like your zeal, you are interested in your students. The second thing is that you have a talent for teaching, there are many native English speakers but you can really teach English. By the way, I'm a little jealous of you because you've found your vocation, which you're good at :) I think it's people like you that change the world for the better by giving people from different parts of the world the opportunity to interact with each other. Keep up the good work!

-- November 2022


Donald, the best review of your work is the number of your students and the density of your schedule. You are an energetic, cheerful, lively and smart person. It’s a pleasure to communicate with you. You are open to students' needs and do a lot to help them. Your lessons are full of sense and utility from one side and full of support and optimism from another side. It’s a pleasure to improve English with the help of such teacher. Thank you, Donald and wish you all the best!

-- November 2022


I have been working with Donald for almost a year to improve my communication in English. I like his teaching method based on authentic materials to better understand real language. Thanks to this method, a professional conversation or socializing with colleagues from all over the world is easy. Donald is a very enthusiastic teacher, who is mindful of the student’s wishes. Most importantly, lessons with Donald are never boring!

-- October 2022


I enjoy my classes with Donald so much! Although I'm just at the beginning of this journey, this is one of the easiest reviews I've written. Donald is the kind of person who gives you a feeling of comfort and security from the first moment you meet and with that feeling, learning becomes easy and natural. The corner is simply a safe space for learning and experimenting. For me, the lessons are a valuable opportunity to speak English, gain confidence and learn the rules of grammar in a clear way, unlike what I was taught in the past! I am so grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to continue learning with Donald

-- November 2022


Donald has been helping me with my English for almost a year. When I started my master's degree, which I am taking in English, I was worried that it would be too difficult for me. However, with Donald's help and his excellent corrections of papers, I have achieved very good results. Without him, the grades I got would not have been the same.

The best thing about Donald is his predisposition, he is always available to help you, and his dedication in everything you ask him to work on. You can tell that he is a person who enjoys his work as a teacher, and as a student I really appreciate it. Thank you for your support, Donald.

-- October 2022


I needed help to practice my English for a job interview that would happen in a few days, and Donald kindly made time on his agenda to help me. He was very considerate, asking my resume and using it to simulate questions that could happen in the real interview, but also giving me useful knowledge and tips for general job interviews in the US. He's very didactical, and I felt like having a lesson in a real classroom, with him using his blackboard. He's really professional and a great teacher. He's also attentive, pointing out mistakes in my speech and giving me knowledge about details that makes a relevant difference to achieve fluency. It was very productive. I highly recommend him!

-- August 2021


I've worked with several English teachers during the past five years, and Donald has completely changed my expectations for what an English teacher could do. While finishing up my doctoral thesis, Donald and I met throughout a few months polishing the text for review. He went above and beyond by not only proofreading the document but also reading it to understand the material in order to provide more meaningful feedback. 

For him, students are not customers; rather, they are his friends who need/want help in learning English. This approach separates him from other teachers and makes his classes fun and meaningful.

-- January 2022


Donald is an excellent, dynamic and motivating teacher. He adapts the class to the needs of the student and is always open to suggestions. He's helping me to perfect my writing and pronunciation and could not have wished more from a teacher. I definitely recommend him!

-- November 2021


Donald has helped me a lot in business English and speaking. I have been taking classes for a long time to continue improving my English. Although I am a non-native speaker who lives and works in the U.S for a few years, I still have a lot of questions about how to write efficient emails. Donald not only helps me to write English in the proper way but also explains the cultural difference. Excellent teacher. Donald helped me a lot with my business writing. Donald is very knowledgeable that I am not only learning English but also learning culture. Thank you again for all your help.

-- November 2021


Usually, I don't give comments but Donald deserves to be recommended. He has such a good vibe and most importantly, he genuinely wants to help so he works to figure out the way students can improve. I'm pretty confident that with him I'll get better at writing skills.

-- January 2022


I tried close to 30 teachers over the course of a month. Don is one of the best teachers. He is friendly but not too friendly like those who make you feel uncomfortable talking with or think you are talked down to. I truly appreciate his professionalism. I highly recommend him for your language teacher.

-- October 2021


So happy to have the opportunity to learn something new and have Donald as a teacher.  I started learning "reported speech". It is a great topic because it is something that I do everyday at work. We practiced conditional-subjunctive and cause and effect. Thank you Donald because finally I have a better understanding. Best teacher ever! Thank you for all your help and your hard work. He is really GREAT!

-- April 2022


Donald is the best English teacher I have ever met during the last 25 years of learning English.  I’ve been taking Donald’s classes for three years, mainly concentrating on writing skills. I believe my English dramatically improved that allowing me to work and live in English speakers environment. Donald’s non-judgmental approach helps me feel welcomed and accepted, so I think I could ask any question as many times as I need. I also feel motivated, energized, and optimistic, not just about my ability to improve English but about myself after each class with Donald. Donal also has developed his unique method of explaining grammar and syntax that I never had a chance to experience with another teacher.  Donald is an excellent and easy-going person, so it is always a pleasure to communicate with him. I wish all students to be persistent and keep scheduled classes with Donald, and I believe you will have a significant improvement as I did.  

-- October 2021


Donald is a wonderful teacher. He is encouraging, kind, patient and professional. He is currently helping me with my writing and every time we meet, he comes up with fun and effective ways to correct my essays and give me pieces of advice on how to improve. He has also made a Google drive for our online and offline communications. I can have access to his comments and corrections, and extra teaching materials, anytime through our google drive page.

Having classes with Donald has helped me to overcome my fear of the GRE writing test. Now I believe that by practicing more and receiving comments and tips from him I can write faster and develop my argument much more easily. I totally recommend him to anyone that seeks to prepare for an English test or improve their English skills in general.

-- October 2021


Donald is a person who makes you feel comfortable, who puts you in a position to really appreciate your English journey. He is also very professional and kind - the best teacher i've known so far! Thank you Donald!!

-- October 2021


I took my first class with Donald today and I can barely wait for the next! He speaks clearly and gave me some material to read. He suggested me also a pathway to accomplish my objectives. Donald is more than a teacher, he acts like a mentor pushing me toward my objective to get a PhD position in USA. Let's go ahead!

-- May 2021


¡Donald es genial! Divertido y super profesional. Además habla español perfectamente. 100% recomendado.

-- May 2020


Always helpful. Patient, smart, and nice.

-- February 2018


Donald is a such excellent English tutor. His classes are dynamic and fun. He helped me building confidence and vocabulary to speak English fluently - I definitely recommend Donald to be your teacher.

-- December 2019


A very productive trial lesson. Mr. Donald was easily able to address the problems I have with the language and give helpful suggestion. He was also able to make the lesson very interesting which made it easier to get the most out of the session.

-- January 2018


Donald is very helpful with job interview tips. He helped me a lot with my CV/Cover Letter. He knows a lot about this subject which was very helpful. We also covered a lot of different topics and expressions.

-- January 2018


Donald was a great and inspiring teacher and I learnt so much from him. So far it has been a perfect experience with him so I recommend anyone who wants to have an improvement in their English to book lesson with Donald. He knows what he is doing.

-- April 2018