(or, why take lessons with Donald?)

English is a language to be used. All language learning happens as a result of using it, so to improve your English you should use it as much as possible! Spoken conversations are useful but they are only one part of the language. To increase language proficiency, you should also read, write, and listen to the language as much as possible.

Becoming a student at Donald's English Corner also connects you to a variety of material to use between our scheduled lessons. These materials will help you to grow vocabulary, increase proficiency, as well as the most important goal: to build confidence.


Students can record their lessons. Google Meets allows for participants to record their session, meaning that students can save their locally in order to review it later. This option gives the students a powerful resource for practicing what happens during our live lessons.


Every student receives their own Google Document, in which I add our notes taken during each lesson: pronunciation, new expressions, and vocabulary exercises. The student has access to that Google Document 24/7, so that they can refer back to it whenever they need.


Students taking lessons with me also get access to a growing library of PDFs that contain explanations of common American expressions, phrasal verbs, and relevant cultural observations. These PDFs are easily viewable on mobile devices, so make getting additional practice on the go pretty easy! You can see an example PDF here: Talking about COVID-19.


Donald posts language material on two social media sites. These posts are done in the spirit of good humor and from the perspective of American culture. Participating in these posts gives students a fun, quick way to use the English language. Take a look at those posts on Instagram and Twitter.


Students taking lessons with Donald have access to an additional, private YouTube playlist filled with specific language content. Have you wondered about how to describe your apartment/house in English? Or maybe talking about a pet? You'll find videos about those things in the private playlist that Donald will share with students when they begin taking classes.