About DEC

Who is Donald and what is his English Corner?


24 years of experience in Information Technology

22 years of speaking Spanish

15 years of teaching English

15 years of assisting with university admissions

10 years of interviewing job candidates

Master's Degree in English


I began teaching English online back in 2017. It came out of the maxim that the mother of desire was invention. I had been volunteering at a few agencies in Chicago, which made me happy but that satisfaction often withered in the face of the bleak winter commute on the city's public transit system. Outside of the train station near my apartment, someone had posted flyers offering English classes at a local church. I realized then that there was a different way to serve people that avoided managing Chicago's brutal winter weather.

I went to the Internet to find that different way.

I applied, and received acceptance, to teach on the site Verbling. My hope was to offer the highest quality language lessons at the lowest possible price to students all over the world. That low price ($15 USD) was possible largely because I had a full time job at one of Chicago's major universities. I started with baby steps, offering classes during weekend afternoons.The students found me. Slowly at first, but within a few months they filled every available hour.

A lot has changed since then. Obviously! A worldwide pandemic brought the world to a halt, then forced people onto the Internet full-time. Demand for my classes skyrocketed. Many times in 2020-21, I turned down class requests from people who were facing wait times of more than a month. The new normal naturalized itself into the balance between work and life.

Fast forward to Autumn 2021. Teaching online became the most satisfying times of my professional day. I resigned my position at the university, saying goodbye to some wonderful people, in order to start my own business. Donald's English Corner became a real company in October of that year. I have not regretted the transition from traditional employment to self-employed even once.

Being fully dedicated to student language success is an absolute joy. Students all over the world want to join the community of English speakers. They also want to take advantage of my diverse professional experiences. Not only am I an English teacher, but I have over twenty years of experience working in the corporate IT industry in addition to ten years of community service for marginalized communities (LGBT, immigrants, etc...). I have lived in Chicago, Michigan, New Mexico, and Florida while also spending a lot of time studying/working in Spain, Mexico, and Australia.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about how Donald's English Corner can help you reach your language goals. Every one of them is possible. Everyone one of you can achieve them.

Also, my dog Taco Tuesday often sleeps in my office. You might see her during our lessons. :)